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Each year, about 665.000 children are born deaf or hearing impaired. I am Derk Boswijk, and never realized this before. I thought that this only happened to old people. Till last year. Then, I became father of a beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, soon it became clear she was hearing impaired at both ears. Immediately after the shock, we got help from several specialists. Now, with the help of hearing aids, our daughter is able to function like any other child.  


80% of these children are born in the third world. As a result of shame, lack of knowledge and money, these children grow up in isolation. Because of this they cannot develop independently and therefore will have to spend the rest of their life in despair and poverty.



Fortunately the Hear the World foundation attract the destiny of these children.

By means of vaccinations, information, lessons in gesture language and supplying hearing aids, also these children get a fair chance on an independent and happy live.



This particular work needs attention and money. I have reflected and reached the conclusion that I must do something for these deaf and hearing impaired children.

For them, I want to collect money.


As a counter-payment I hope to climb the Mont Blanc, September this year. With an altitude of 4,810 meters; the highest mountain of the Alps and the European Union.

Can we count on your support?


100% of the grants go to the Hear the World foundation. All costs for the expedition will be paid by me.


Every Euro can make the difference! Help the Hear the World Foundation and sponsor my climb to the top.


Transfer your gift to the Hear the World Foundation

UBS AG Bank, Zurich

Account number: 230-477384.01U

IBAN: CH12 0023 0230 4773 8401 U



Use the right reference and mention: Hear Mont Blanc. 

Thanks in advance!



Sorry, there are no places for mainsponsors available. Still want to support me?Contact me direct by mail derkboswijk@gmail.com or mobile phone +31 (0)6 15 42 06 88.